Adobe Illustrator - .AI or .EPS files. 

  • Each color in the design needs to be turned into a spot color and assigned Pantones (C) if needed. If no Pantones are selected, we will use our monitors to help decide your print colors.

  • All fonts need to be converted to outlines.

  • All embedded images need to be 300dpi and at desired print size. Not all embedded images will work, and art charges may apply to make them printable.  

  • Art must be submitted at desired print size. 

Adobe Photoshop or Raster images - .PSD / .PNG / .JPEG / .TIFF / .EPS

  • Artwork must have been created at the desired print size at 300dpi or higher. 

  • Please provide all layers (discard any unused layers) and save to a transparent background.

  • For multi color designs, please create channels for each color in the design with desired Pantones, or name of color assigned to each channel. 

  • If art has been flattened or merged, art charges may apply. 

Once we review your artwork, ASPS will determine if it is print ready before official quotes are given. If the file is not print ready, we will notify you of any fees that need to be paid to make sure you get awesome print ready files for your awesome prints!

ASPS is always up for a challenge, and we are happy to figure out how to make something look great. If you don’t have a file in the above format, please reach out to us and see if we can help. We offer many art clean-up and art rebuild services for all budgets. Please email, and we can talk all things art.