ASPS was built out of a desire to honor the design thru a quality print. We are able to achieve this by setting up your provided design for print or by creating a custom design from scratch. All of our pricing includes Set Up and or Basic Design work. We offer this because we truly believe that quality designs allows for quality prints. We have multiple designers and design styles that can be tailored to meet your needs. Inquire today about our design and set up services



At ASPS our core is in quality printed garments. We have invested in people and equipment over the years, allowing us the ability to always be searching for a great print and a great quality of life for the people behind the craft. We believe it is our privilege to honor the design & print thru an enjoyable customer experience and great printed product. Inquire today about how we can provide you with a quality print and a quality experience. 


Quality Matters

We love printing shirts. We show up ready to work, ready to serve the print and ready to learn. Each day we have an opportunity to do better work and to be better people than the day before. At ASPS. We’re committed to our craft, to our crew, and to our customers. 

We take your provided art or the custom art we created for you and set it up for print. We take time and effort to ensure that the art will translate to print, accounting for dot gain, detail retention, moire and the list goes on and on. Once the artwork is print ready it is sent off to our Computer To Screen machine. Our CTS machine is a state of the art process which allows us to remove film ( which is wasteful ) and achieve a high level of detail. Once the screen/stencil is made it is check again to ensure we catch any errors before sending it to print. The screen is then set up on one of our automatic presses. Multi color jobs are lined up to achieve perfect registration between colors. After everything is looking great we do a test print and cross check it to the approved layout. The production manager and our sales dept sign off on the print and production begins on your order. Once completed it gets checked again and then becomes a box of shirts waiting to be opened by the customer.